De Amsterdamse Tulpenschilder

Björn Muller 1972 Tulip paintings symbolise a snapshot of life, filtered through the prism of nature’s own expression – free from the constructs our mind created.

Tulips posses their own unique sense of beauty. Free from poison envy, no tulip is “better” than another. They co-exist like a community within the laws of nature. With radical colours they contrast our sky. In the midst of a human society in self-doubt. Each tulip dutifully blossoms before us, at their own pace. A rebellious act when witnessed in large numbers. When they stand unwaveringly strong. A symbol to remind us how we ought to love ourselves like we love nature. The tulip, like all plants, breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, and we, humankind, breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Sustaining each other in perfect balance. So the tulip represents both beauty and function: a symbol of life and balance.

Tulips inspire this in Bjorn and his work shares this poetic message with the viewer.

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